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Every week, Hartjes Meat Processing supplies around 200 tonnes of finished product; these products find their way to the consumer through various channels:


  • Snack and meat products industry
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Export


Hartjes as producer

To be able to supply products of a guaranteed quality, at Hartjes a great deal of attention is paid to process optimisation. Hartjes strives for high delivery reliability and competitive prices. Whether you wish to purchase meat strips, semi-finished products (shoulders) or auxiliary raw materials. Hartjes is the obvious party for supplying fresh and frozen products for both the snack and meat products industry.


Hartjes as co-producer

Even if things are going well, co-producership, collaboration and direction are important success factors. These result in Hartjes being a much sought-after partner. We supply tailor-made meat products to various supermarket chains in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In addition, we are a supplier for purchasing organisations, wholesalers (horeca establishments and butchers), the institutional market and production companies.


Hartjes as an exporter

Under the brand OrangeTop, Hartjes produces a wide range of frozen and salted products, under its own brand or private label. These products are distributed globally. You will find more information about this on our website